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400 indications of bioresonance therapy

St. Mary Clinic is a Physical Medicine, Physical therapy and rehabilitation center established in Egypt in 1993.

 It is a leader in the Middle East and North Africa in using Bioenergetic medicine, magnet therapy, Bioresonance therapy and mesotherapy.

 Mesotherapy is used to treat hair fall and cellulite.

Bioresonance therapy is used in treatment of cerebral palsy, Hemiplegia, stroke, peripheral neuritis, neuropathy, multiple sclerosis, M.S., liver dysfunction, liver failure and ascitis, kidney dysfunction and early renal failure, ulcerative colitis, chronic constipation, gastric troubles, chronic pains, headache chronic fatigue syndrome, delayed children growth and speech problems.

 St. Mary Clinic Egypt is a unique center in using biomechanical therapies in treating cervical and lumber spines.

 Disc problems using different chiropractic and manipulation techniques.

The center is unique in training and teaching physical medicine and physical therapy techniques including Bioresonance therapy, manipulation, different chiropractic techniques and physical therapy modalities.

 The center is directed by Dr. Hany Morkos who is a consultant in physical therapy and rehabilitation. He is a well internationally recognized