The Bicom Bioresonance Therapy works on the biophysical level and uses the oscillatory spectrum of the body and substances .          

It can be used alone or in the combination with other therapeutic measures.

The bioresonance therapy belongs to the category of empiric medicine the main principles of which are confirmed by the latest findings in quantum and biophysics field .

All therapy programs are based on experience made in the course of over 25 years and have been proven in thousands of practices .

        BICOM  version 4.4 “


Acid-base balance (ammonia metabolism)           

Activate left side of brain                            

Activate right side of brain

Activate vitality

Addiction treatment, physical withdrawal

Adenosine triphosphate biosynthesis, to improve 


Adrenaline distribution, to regulate

Allergy therapy if allergen is unknown

Allergy therapy via acupuncture points

Allergy therapy via ear points

Allergy therapy with abstinence

Allergy therapy without abstinence

Allergy to cold

Angiomas in head region

Ankle problems, acute

Ankle problems, chronic-degenerative

Appendicitis (accompanying)


Autonomic lack of control

Auto regulation, disturbed



Bee-sting treatment (supporting)

Bladder irritation

Bladder, prolapsed

Blockages (energy), to remove

Blockages due to opiates with paresis of extremities

Blockages due to opiates, drug abuse

Blockages in tissue

Blood circulation, problems in head region

Blood circulation, problems in the abdomen

Blood count, to improve (supporting)

Blood pressure, balance

Blood pressure, too high (supporting)

Blood pressure, too low (supporting)


Bone-pain (post-traumatic)

Bowel action, to improve

Bowel action, to regulate

Breastbone complaints

Breath, shortness of

Bronchitis (supporting)


Burns (Supporting)


Cancer treatment (supporting)

Carbohydrate metabolism, deficiency

Cardiac action, to improve

Cardiac rhythm deficiency (accompanying)

Cardiac weakness in case of vitum?

Carpal tunnel syndrome


Cell regeneration (after operation)

Cell stimulation (in case of impaired reactions)

Cell stimulation

Cellulites (accompanying)

Cervical spine complaints (cervical spine syndrome)

Cervical spine complaints (kidney-related)

Cervical spine complaints (stomach-related)

Cervical spine perturbation, lateral

Cervical sympathetic chain, blockage

Chakra therapy, for 1st to 3rd chakra

Chakra therapy 4th chakra

Chakra therapy, for 5th to 7th chakra

CNS disorders


Colitis, ulcerative (supporting)


Coordination problems of muscular system

Corneal dystrophy

Cough, dry, hacking

Cox arthritis

Cramp-like pain


Delivery, preparation for

Depression pharmacogenic, somatogenic endocrinal

Detoxification of mucous membrane

Detoxification using earwax

Detoxification using fingernails and toenails

Detoxification using nasal secretion

Detoxification using particles of skin

Detoxification using tear fluid

Diabetes mellitus (supporting)

Digestion of food in the ileum, to improve


Dizziness, physical cause of

Dizziness, problem with equilibrium

Duodenal problems

Dupuytren’s contracture




Ear treatment (general conditions, detoxify)

Earache, severe

Elbow joint complaints

Elephantiasis of legs

Encephalitis, supporting

Energy balance in event of widely different quadrants

Energy, lack of


! Enterogastrone effect, to promote

Epilepsy (not in acute stage)

Erythromycin, to neutralize effect of

Exposure to germs (viruses, fungi, bacteria)

Exposure to irritants

Extra systoles

Eyes, increased intraocular pressure

Eyes, inflammation of

Eyes, non-specific therapy

Eyes, pressure on the

Eyes, shooting pain

Eyes, sticky

Eyes, tired overexerted



! Faiting (Fainting?)fits, occasional

Fever attacks, occasional

Fever treatment (supporting)

Fever with increased frequency of respirationand pulse

Food intolerance

Food deformation




Gastro logia (over acidity)

Gastric diseases, degenerative

Gastric complaints, nervous cause of

Gastric secretion disorder

Gastric/intestinal ulcers (accompanying)

Geopathy balance

Goitre (thyroid gland dysfunction)

Groin, painful

Gum diseases



Hay fever (allergy to pollen)

Hearing impairment (otitis)

Hearing impairment (pre-treatment)

Hearing, sudden loss of

Heart problems, ,,old”, undefined

Heart problems, nervous cause of

Hemorrhoids,(inflammation of veins)

Hereditary diseases (supporting)

Hip-joint disease (related to bowel)

Hip joint problems (restricted movement)

Histamine , to improve effect

Hormonal disorder

Hormonal regulation (via foot)

Hyoid bone, to correct


Immunodeficiencies (internal blockages)


Implant, post-operative treatment

Implant, pre-operative treatment


Increase power of resistance

Infantilism, physical

Infection, resistance to


Injuries of any kind

Insulin-glucagons distribution to regulate

Intervertebral disk, prolapsed (supporting)

Intervertebral disk, wear

Intestinal flora, to improve

Intestinal infection

Intestines, to treat (also with lumbar

   spine complaints)

Intolerance toward vital substances

      (also with pollen and allergies)

Intrinsic blood therapy

Intrinsic urine therapy

Intrinsic urine therapy, in event of eczema

Irritation of bladder



Jaw point, to correct


Knee-joint arthrosis (also ankle complaints)

Knee-joint diseases


Laterality problems

Lipolysis problems

Lipometabolism, to improve

Liver detoxification

Lumbar spine complaints

Lymph activation

Lymphatic oedema (?edema)




Menopausal complaints

Menstrual problems (period pains-1st recom.)

Menstrual problems (period pains-2nd recom.)

Mesenchyme therapy (for reaction-blocked pat.)

Metabolism therapy

Mononucleosis (hyperplasia, hyper tonicity,

    of the lymphatic tissue)

Multiple sclerosis (supporting)

Muscles, problems with coordination

Muscular atrophy

Muscular pain

Mycosis treatment (1st recommendation)

Mycosis treatment (2nd recommendation)



Nape of neck, pain on one side

Narcotics, to remove blockages

!Nephrotic (orNephritic? )syndrome

Nerve attenuation

Nerve regeneration (reflex problems)

Nervous pains, pulling

Night blindness

Norandrostenolon, to improve distribution of




Occipital problems (to alleviate pain, etc.)




Over treatment and to harmonize

Oxygen uptake, to improve

Oxytocine, to stimulate effect (to neutralize




Pain in lumbar spine region

Pain in tooth region

Pain therapy

Pain, between shoulder blades

Pain, cramp-like

Pain, in back of neck

Pain in nape of neck (on one side)

Pain stabbing, in pulmonary region

Pancreas impairment (reduced secretion)

Pancreatitis, chronic

Pancreocymine, to stimulate production


Parodontosis (accompanying)

Parotid gland, problems (also mumps)

Penicillin, intolerance

Per arthritis humeroscapularis

Phantom-limb pain

Pituitary gland, to regulate

Pneumonia (supporting)

Poisoning (supporting)

Polymyxin-B, to produce effect

Post-operative treatment

Pregnancy treatment

Pre-operative treatment

Preservatives, to compensate for intolerance

Prostate complaints

Protein metabolism, to improve

Puberty complaints, girls



Radiation exposure

Radiation exposure, diffuse

Releasing-hormones, to stimulate

Renal function impairment (1st recommend.)

Renal function impairment (2nd recommend.)

Resistance, to increase powers of

Respiratory volume, to increase

Retinal diseases

Rheumatic diseases (1st recommend.)

Rheumatic diseases (2nd recommend.)

Rheumatic diseases (3rd recommend.)

Rheumatic pain

Rheumatism in soft tissues

Rheumatism of joint (general)

RNA, to exclude viruses



Sacrum/coccyx blockage

Scars, to stabilize internal

Scars, to stabilize

Serotonin, to improve effect

Sexual potency impairment

Shock therapy

Shoulder joint complaints

Sinusitis, chronic

Sjogren’s syndrome

Skin diseases (lymph problems)

Skin diseases (toxin discharge)

Skin diseases, acute stage (kidney supporting)

Skin diseases, when in good general condition

Spinal blockage

Spinal segments blocked

Spine, energy blockages

Spleen diseases

Sport injury (all of kind)


Stomach complaints, acute (Roemheld’s syndr.)

Stomach outlet problems

Stomach, over acidity

Stress due to exposure to synthetic substances

Stress due to exposure to synthetic substances

       (heavy metals, etc.)



Teeth, root diseases

Tennis elbow

Thymus activation

Thyroid activation

Thyroid (Hyperthyroid, Basedow’s disease)

Thyroid (Hyperplasia)

Tinnitus (supporting)

Tissue condition, acute

Tissue conditions, chronic-degenerative



Toxin discharge

Tumor treatment (supporting)



Urethra, problems

Urinary tract infection

Urine, regulation of amount



Vaccine damage (supporting)

Vaccine damage, to correct

Vaginal discharge, infected (1st recommend.)

Vaginal discharge, infected (2nd recommend.)

Venous inflammation, painful (general)

Venous system impairment (1st recommend.)

Venous system impairment (2nd recommend.)

Venous system impairment (3rd re., venectasia)

Venous system imp. (4th re., varicose veins)

Viral influenza

Virus therapy

Vital capacity, to improve



Wart treatment

Wound healing after operation (adhesion)

Wound healing

Wound healing, to stimulate (general)

Wrinkles in nose/mouth area

Wrist joint problems, general



Yin-Yang balance





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