Bio-energetic Therapy

In the same way that bio-energetic testing can detect the presence of pathologic substances in the body, the same electromagnetic imprint of the toxic substance can be inverted into a therapy signal that cancels out the very life force of the offending substance. As soon as the pathogen loses its electromagnetic connection to the body our immune system and elimination systems are able to effectively remove the offending agent from the body.

Every cell in our body has its own unique frequency or electromagnetic oscillation. Therefore, it can be said that all heart cells or all liver cells share the same frequency oscillation, which holds them together in harmony to create a healthy organ. In the same way the various elimination systems all resonate with the same healthy frequency. Once this healthy frequency is disturbed, either through poor diet, exposure to environmental toxins, emotional trauma or unresolved inner turmoil then a downward cascading effect begins to disrupt the body's ability to maintain optimal health through its own natural self-regulating systems. Therefore, once we have isolated the frequency that has been disrupted or depleted and is now disturbing the energy patterns of other organs and systems, it is possible, using bio-resonance technology, to cancel the offending frequency and reset the normal oscillation required for that organ or system to function normally.

BioResonance testing and BioResonance therapy is a critical part of our program as it provides the road map for our therapy plans. Once the cause is known and to what extent the system is compromised, we can effectively tailor a specific plan of action that may include various detoxification modalities, regimented dietary changes, vitamin, mineral and other natural supplementation as well as other conventional approaches if necessary. The important thing is that every planned therapy or ingestible is first tested for compatibility and effectiveness before it is applied.


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