Allergies and Asthma

There are several types of allergies, but at the core of most allergic conditions is what is known as "central food allergies." The most common food allergies are from dairy products, processed sugar and wheat. Less common are food allergies from eggs and citrus, as well as a wide variety of other foods. Other allergies, such as to pollen, dust, feathers, etc., seem to "ride on top" of the food allergies. When BioResonance therapy is used to treat and eliminate the food allergies, most of the time, other kinds of allergic reactions are either reduced or eliminated. Sometimes a few other allergies remain and require individual treatment, but these are normally much easier to eliminate following the clearing of the central food allergies.

One clinical study in Europe with 200 allergy sufferers showed complete elimination of any allergy reaction to the treated allergies in 83% of the cases. Another 11% greatly improved, and most of the small remaining percent did not complete the therapies. This means that the efficiency of BioResonance therapy for allergies is nearly 100%.

One common allergic symptom is known as neurodermatitis. The following are some of many cases treated for this condition.

Sometimes the cause of the allergy and reaction is due to the presence of some toxin that stresses the immune system in such a way that contact with the allergen causes an over-reaction of the immune system, which results in the allergy symptoms.

BioResonance therapy is so effective for allergies that practitioners and clinics in Europe always have very full schedules booked for weeks ahead.


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