New Findings in Allergy Therapy -
Testing and New Possibilities for Treating Less-Considered Blocks and Energy Deficiencies
By: Jürgen Hennecke, MD - Aachen, Germanyl

1. Introduction

In May 1999, unusual events in our daily practice alarmed us. After the decrease in birch pollen, we could not notice any decrease in hayfever symptoms, as was the case in past years. To the contrary: More patients than ever before came into our practice complaining of very intense allergy symptoms, including patients who had been free of symptoms for many years, as well as those who had developed an allergy for the first time. This was quite an unusual reaction in the grass-blossoming season.

In addition, the usual BICOM® allergy therapy could not improve the symptoms as before. If the patient still had complaints (even if the freshly picked pollen and the ones in the test set no longer provoked any reactions), we normally treated him with an adhesive strip that had been fixed in the open air for some days and thus had collected all the information of pollen, mycosis, environmental toxins, crop pesticides, ozone and so on. But this time, this normally very effective therapy step did not show the effect we were used to. Most of the patients reported that the symptoms also did not improve when there was rainy weather.

Later on we observed that during this season there were more complaints of influenza infections (especially in the throat), sore eyes and dry cough.

There was something in the air! But what could it be?

Something was weakening the immune system, provoking irritations of the mucous membranes and aggravating allergy symptoms, even in rainy weather! This something cannot be captured on an adhesive strip, but the rain water. We immediately sampled rain water from the barrel outside and tested the therapy- resistant patients and found that: When testing them with kinesiology, all patients had a weak reaction to rain water. After some intensive investigations and numerous tests, we found a test ampoule to which everyone responded: "Aqua R 100," and so the diagnosis was clear: radioactivity!

2. Radioactivity and Pollinosis, Testing and Therapy

We worked out the following hypothesis: Increasing the radioactive strain of the air causes pollen to get more and more aggressive and/or causes people to react with more sensitivity to germs and allergens.


  • Rain water is testing as a strain (Ai)
  • The ampoules "Aqua RI00," "Radioactivity," and "Radium Bromatum D200" are testing as a remedy (A)


Previous program:
Input beaker: "Aqua Rl00," "Radioactivity," and "Radium Bromatum D200"
Output: ball electrodes in the hands and magnetic articulated probe on thymus gland
Program: 192 (A, 64), 7 minutes

Radium Bromatum D200 is a homeopathic antidote for the effects of radioactive strain and can be taken sublingually in the form of globules. While pollen can normally be well treated as "natural antigens'" when setting Di or H+Di and frequency 52 kHz, heavy toxic or radioactive strains should be treated by setting Ai and "all frequencies."

Allergy therapy:

Input beaker: all tested grass and crop pollen, adhesive strip and a sample of rain water, such as "Aqua pluvia May 99"
Output: ball electrodes and eye electrode
Program: 1. Ai 0,025, all frequencies, 3 minutes
2. Ai gradual increase all 60 to 90 seconds, 0.025 to 64, all frequencies
3. AI 64, all frequencies (program 998), 3 minutes and/or
Ai amplification sweep, all frequencies, at least 20 minutes

3. Previous Programs and Accompanying Programs

The above-mentioned statements prove the importance of appropriate previous and accompanying programs in order to achieve an efficient allergy therapy. We often test allergic persons for blocks caused by geopathy, electro-smog, radioactivity, scar interferences as well as energetic deficiencies in the region of hypophysis, pancreas, adrenal glands and at the reflex points in the region of the upper and lower cervical spine. The previous and accompanying therapies aim at breaking blocks and balancing energetic deficiencies. The following stored programs have proved to be efficient in practice:

Geopathy, electro-smog program 700, 701, 702
Radioactivity program 700, 701, 702
Scar interferences program 910
Basic therapy program 130 or as tested
Elimination of toxins program 970
Metabolism therapy program 530
Thymus therapy program 428
Hormonal control program 580, 581

The following tested program has proved to be effective for supporting the treatment, especially for pollinosis:

Input beaker: drop of blood
Input: Kidney region, lumbar spine (energetic deficiency of the adrenal gland)
Output: magnetic articulated probe onto abdomen (1st chakra)
Program: H+Di, 10 Hz, H 1.5, Di 0.5, 8 minutes

A higher efficiency and a shorter therapy time (approx. 30%) can be achieved by using the BICOM 2000 (see below).

4. News Concerning the Elimination of Toxins

In the past two to three years, we have observed that more time and effort is needed for eliminating most of the allergens. While we just needed one to three treatments with program 999, 998 or 997 some seven or eight years ago, nowadays we need several treatments as a rule with increasing amplification (60 to 90 seconds per amplification step) or amplification sweep (about 20 minutes!). Often it is useful to combine both versions in the same or in two following sessions. And it is more and more often necessary to adapt the therapy times individually. For obstinate allergens, an individually tested meridian-related allergy therapy may be effective. For more details concerning the different allergy programs, please refer to the Allergy Seminar. Also, testing an analogue-potentiation of the allergen as well as taking in the corresponding treated drops have proved to be effective.


  • choose the potentiation program (No. 7)
  • Input: allergen. Output: ball electrode
  • test the therapy parameter (Ai)
  • test the "fitting" D-potentiation
  • treat the patient in this way (about 8 minutes) and transmit this information into the drops

At the same time, don't forget to apply the analogue-potentiation of blood, urine, possibly also stool, saliva, sputum and nasal secretion.

With allergic people, we still find a chronic, concealed food allergy (cow's milk, wheat) as a basic strain besides the "superficial" allergens provoking the symptoms. Recently we observe more and more cases of newly appearing pollen and animal's fur allergies without any chronic food allergy!

  • White extracted wheat flour normally tests as an allergen, whereas whole-grain wheat is tolerated.
  • Test the tap water for all allergic people displaying skin symptoms
  • Test and treat lactic acid and adrenaline for allergic bronchitis with athletic asthma

5. The BICOM 2000

Allergic persons are people who, from the energetic point of view, are "dying of thirst" and at the same time are "drowning." Acute allergic-reacting organic systems are in the acute-inflammatory Yang state, whereas at the same time other systems are functioning in the chronic-degenerative Yin state. The body figuratively steps with one foot on the brakes and with the other one on the accelerator!

As a therapeutic result, we have to attenuate (the acute allergic reaction) and build up (the general health of) the patient, and these two steps are best done at the same time. We can partly achieve these effects by choosing the appropriate above-mentioned previous programs. In order to intensify the building-up effect, we have often also used the positive oscillation information of colors and precious stones, which the body was often lacking, in the input beaker (for instance: chakra therapy) or via a separate therapy device (MULTICOM).

Since the beginning of the new millennium, these therapy effects also can be achieved considerably easier and more elegantly with the BICOM Magnetic-Frequency patterns (BMF) and the Dynamic Multi-Impulse packages (DMI).

We have had the opportunity to test a prototype of the BICOM 2000, and in the meantime we have done some 300 treatments. The magnetic field modulation mat was placed mostly on the region of the spine (all acupuncture meridian points!) and more seldom on other parts of the body (belly, chest, and extremities according to indications). We also tested whether the additional use of this electrode was necessary and useful for the patient. The answer concerning the BMF and the DMI was almost always "yes." Afterwards we tested the therapy parameters. We treated our patients as follows:

  • approx. 85% with DMI "build up"
  • approx. 10% with DMI "attenuating"
  • approx. 5% "BMF only"
  • in approx. 10% of all cases we needed in the same therapy session different parameters one after the other
  • necessary amplification: 7-10
  • therapy time: 10 to 30 minutes - depending on the BICOM program being used.

As we treat mostly chronic patients in our practice, as well as many chronic allergic persons, and because these people normally are very "exhausted" and suffer from a considerable energetic deficiency, we often use the "DMI increase" setting, which is reasonable. For acute diseases, we often use the "DMI decrease" setting, but not always! In some cases, and according to the accompanying BICOM program, we first needed an increasing and then a decreasing therapy (or the other way around).

6. Observations and Results using the BICOM 2000

We have noticed that for the previous BICOM programs the therapy could be intensified and the time of therapy could be shortened by up to 30%; but this was not always the case. For the allergy therapy programs, the time of therapy could not be shortened. The electro-magnetic component seems to be more important for allergy therapies than the magnetic component. The main advantage of the BMF and the DMI therapy is an additional effect going beyond the BICOM therapy: the supply of energy!

Sensitive therapists can feel the extension of the patient?s energetic field! Less sensitive patients and those not complaining of acute subjective symptoms before the therapy did not feel any direct reactions, as a rule. But directly after the therapy, many other patients felt "more relaxed, calmer, more energetic, more vigorous." Some of them also spoke of an energetic "great feeling" lasting for a week. Some patients reported a "prickle, a pressure, or a feeling of warmth in the spinal region or the back of the head." Sometimes old foci or blocks "showed up." In a few cases, the patients reported "tiredness, circulatory disturbances, dizziness, palpitations, pressure in the head, eructations, sweating." As these symptoms were only temporary, we can consider them as "first-aggravation symptoms."

Some Case Histories from our Practice

Case 1:

30-year-old patient with acute pollinosis (hazel, alder)

  • previous program "allergy" (as mentioned above) increase with DMI
  • Ai, all frequencies, increasing amplification up to 64, with BMF

Afterwards improvement in general health, consistently without complaints

Case 2:

68-year-old female patient with acute feverish infection accompanied by bronchitis

  • Ai, A, 33 kHz, amplification sweep, decreasing with DMI
  • H+Di, 33 kHz, amplification sweep, increasing with DMI

Directly afterwards, soothing of cough and respiratory problems and without complaints after a few days.

Case 3:

50-year-old female patient with chronic intestinal complaints and exhausted condition (condition after a partial sigmoidectomy because of diverticulitis, intestinal mycosis, interfering scar at abdomen)

  • program 130
  • breaking scar interferences 910
  • hormonal program 980/981
  • intestinal program 560
  • always increasing with DMI during the whole period of treatment

Already after the first therapy session, a considerable improvement in the exhausted condition: "I have not had this energy for a long time," persisting for more than a week. After 4 treatments, entirely without complaints and "full of verve" for working.

Case 4:

43-year-old female patient with headache, dizziness and swelling of the cervical lymph node on the right side.

  • program 581 breaking energetic spinal blockade (cervical spine) increasing with DMI
  • program 930 activating lymph decreasing with DMI

During the therapy, a short, strong dizziness and almost without complaints afterwards.

Case 5:

35-year-old female patient with Ulcerative Colitis. After a treatment of the therapy blocks lasting several weeks, the intestinal mycosis and food allergy symptoms have improved a little.

  • program 910 scar at the belly
  • program 460 building up the intestinal flora
  • both programs increasing with DMI
  • single therapy Ai 24, 10 Hz with BMF only

Considerable improvement of the stool frequency and stool consistency.

These are a few examples of some patients treated with the BICOM 2000 out of far more than a hundred cases. According to our experience, the use of the BMF and DMI simultaneously with the BICOM therapy brings an additional therapeutic effect:

  • supply of energy for chronic patients and allergic persons increasing with DMI
  • the BICOM therapy is intensified together with a shortening of the therapy time
  • faster soothing of the symptoms for acute diseases, mostly decreasing with DMI

Beginning users of BICOM therapy, especially, and those therapists with less practical experience, can achieve better and faster successful therapies with only a few testings, and they can also achieve better results for those patients who are difficult to treat, by using the stored programs and the indicated related therapy recommendations.

7. Correlation Between Therapist and Patient

In every contact between the therapist and the patient (anamnesis, therapeutic conversation, injection or any other medical "manipulation"), there is a mutual exchange between the patient's and the therapist's energetic fields. For energetic test and therapy methods, this exchange is even more intensive. It is supposed that this energetic "exchange of information" of the body (as well as the therapist's intention to cure and the patient's preparedness to be cured) takes place via resonance phenomena of the "radiation" of both frontal brain zones. If you cover this region of the therapist or the patient with aluminum foil, then an energetic testing is no longer possible.

For the therapist, it is an art to have a positive effect with his intention on the patient without absorbing the negative energy of the disease. If therapists feel deprived of energy and are exhausted after a treatment of several hours, we recommend some of these different possibilities for an energetic balance:

  • Keep a distance of 2 to 3 meters from the patient during the therapy for longer programs.
  • energetic neutralization measures at the therapy place (such as oscillations of precious stones).
  • building-up BICOM programs (program 130, 105, 428, 530) with DMI increase.
  • kinesiology exercises such as crosswise movements, knocking on thymus, "Wayne Cook exercise."

Have much success and fun in your practice!


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