Dr. Hany MORKOS in words

Graduated from the well known medical college of AIN SHAMS university in Egypt on 1978. Followed by a Master’s Degree in Physical Medicine & rehabilitation from the same university on 1982. For ten years, he performed in Saudi Arabia as Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Specialist among the prestigious medical team of the RIYADH Central hospital (2600 beds). A state of the art Governmental hospital.

Returning to his home country with strong ideas about Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. HIS St Mary Clinic was born at 1993. A well equipped place either its medical equipments or its medical assistances. It is worth to mention that the philosophy of Dr. MORKOS in running this medical establishment is not only treating and healing pains but also teaching and coaching his assistances.

He traveled across Switzerland, Germany, France, USA and Australia in order to explore the up to date complementary medical new practices. He got there several advanced theoretical and practical trainings. The result of such scientific curiosity is vast. IN St Mary Clinic, where the various medical science references are used from the classic medicine to the complementary medicine practices through Physiotherapy, rehabilitation ,  Mesotherapy ; the well know French complementary medical practice, the Bio Resonance; the German well known method using the natural energy of the body to readjust its various frequencies, the classic Physiotherapy methods using state of the Art modern Equipment which proved a great efficiency with the different disc prolepses. The patients are medically assessed in order to determine a plan of treatment using the most adequate and suitable method. In a lot of cases Dr. MORKOS uses his knowledge and experience through methods of Chiro practice and manipulation therapy where thorough and sensitive hands of Dr. MORKOS can readjust minor intervertebral derangements and heals strong pain where pain killers cannot produce the desired effect. In St Mary Clinic, and by using these illustrated various complementary medicine arts, results are astonishing and vigorously impressive.

Dr. Morkos is invited to give a lecture to present one of his strong medical success using Bioresonance and methods of rehabilitation to treat serious neurological conditions to improve the medical status of two children complain serious brain damage. This lecture is to be given in front of the International Congress of Bioresonance in Fulda – Germany by May 2004.


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